problem downloading from Cornell ftp

Laurent (
Fri, 28 Aug 98 10:35:36 -0700


I tried downloading the latest version of CU-Seeme for CU ftp site and
couldn't log to their ftp site. Is it down or too busy?

There used to be a way in the past (a few years ago) to download the
source code of the reflector to make a port to an unsupported OS. I can
not locate the files anymore.

I would like to work on a port of the client for Linux. Where can I find
any technical info regarding packet format and internal stuff?

I also played with the White Pine 3.1.1 for the Mac which I got last
night. I hate it. The interface is W95 like (flashy icon color, ugly ui)
and worse, it crashes when I am already connected. This is really a bad
port. I can not wait to get the latest version from CU (1.0?).

Once more, the ftp site won't let me log on. So please, don't refer me to
any directory in there. Do I need an account there?

Thanks for your help in advance