Mac G3 266 + and CU-SeeMe = no video???

Kristin Maling (
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 20:02:36 -0500


Here's my cumputer specs as I'm sure they'll be needed:

- Macintosh G3 266mhz
- running OS 8.1
- 128 meg RAM / 6 gig HD
- built-in A/V in & out

I'm using a regular video camera w/ video output cable running into the
video input of the Mac [built in]. The digitizing is done by ATI.

Here's my problem: Using any other video software [including the Mac OS
"Apple Video Player" software] I get video input/capture without problem.
BUT, when I try to run CU-SeeMe [either Cornell version or white-pine] I
don't receive any "video-in" when I test my set-up or connect to myself.
The weird thing is, when I'm running the CU-SeeMe software and I go into
the video configurations, when I'm given the option to configure the hue,
contrast etc., the video picture is there. But, as soon as I click on "ok"
and go back into the regular CU-SeeMe interface, I loose my video input
again? I'm guessing there's some sort of conflict with the ATI

If anyone has any ideas on what's wrong/how to fix this it'd be greatly
appreciated. I used to have CU-SeeMe running on my old Mac PPC 7500/100 w/
built-in A/V in & out, probably for about 2 years, so I'm really hoping to
get it up and running again.


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