Re: Is there anybody out there?

Bill Ryan (
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 14:02:55 -0400

>Is the CU-Seeme project dead and the only support users can get is thru
>White Pine software?

Not dead...just in limbo momentarily.

>I got this expensive commercial version on a Mac. I personaly think that
>the White Pine port on the Mac is done poorly.

Everyone's a critic :)

>It crashed during the
>launch when I am connected (I use a G3).

Instead of bitch'n to the list...why not contact White Pine for tech support?
FWIW, I've run it on a G3 without any problems.

>They even didn't bother
>modifying the interface from their Windows app and I endup looking at
>this flashy colors and ugly designs ala Windows.

Not that I agree, but it was done so on purpose. They were striving for a
common look and feel across platforms.

While this is advantageous for large commercial sites where people use both
Mac and Windows, it has no advantage for consumer users.....

>I hope that the CU-Seeme at Cornell is still active to give users a
>better option.

Keep holding your breath :)



Bill Ryan
Software Engineer