Re: Mac G3 266 + and CU-SeeMe = no video???

Bill Ryan (
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 14:21:13 -0400

Two things to try:

1. Get the G3 vDig "patch" from WPSI Web site. It fixes a problem in G3
vDig (I don't believe Apple has release their fix/update yet???). You need
to select the White G3 patch vDig as your video digitizer (NOT the Apple G3
/ Built-in).

2. Got to ATI web site and download their latest extensions for the G3

Sidenote: the Apple Video player does many things differently than your
standard AV app. (such as bipassing much of the QT API code). They can do
this as the Apple Video Player need only work with the Apple Built-in
digitizer, while 3rd party developers must support various other digitizers
(and thus use open QT API)....



>Here's my cumputer specs as I'm sure they'll be needed:
>- Macintosh G3 266mhz
>- running OS 8.1
>- 128 meg RAM / 6 gig HD
>- built-in A/V in & out
>I'm using a regular video camera w/ video output cable running into the
>video input of the Mac [built in]. The digitizing is done by ATI.
>Here's my problem: Using any other video software [including the Mac OS
>"Apple Video Player" software] I get video input/capture without problem.
>BUT, when I try to run CU-SeeMe [either Cornell version or white-pine] I
>don't receive any "video-in" when I test my set-up or connect to myself.
>The weird thing is, when I'm running the CU-SeeMe software and I go into
>the video configurations, when I'm given the option to configure the hue,
>contrast etc., the video picture is there. But, as soon as I click on "ok"
>and go back into the regular CU-SeeMe interface, I loose my video input
>again? I'm guessing there's some sort of conflict with the ATI
>If anyone has any ideas on what's wrong/how to fix this it'd be greatly
>appreciated. I used to have CU-SeeMe running on my old Mac PPC 7500/100 w/
>built-in A/V in & out, probably for about 2 years, so I'm really hoping to
>get it up and running again.
> ...totally feathered up, living on the dub side...
> - Jeff Noon, VURT.

Bill Ryan
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