Re: Is there anybody out there?

Ray Mercer (
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 09:09:16 +0900

The Cornell FTP site is ALWAYS busy as far as I can tell. I get "too many
anonymous FTP users" error messages about 2 out of 3 times. Just keep
trying. I've successfully DL'd software in the last week as anonymous.

Ray Mercer

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From: Laurent <>
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Date: Monday, August 31, 1998 2:38 AM
Subject: Is there anybody out there?

>Just curious to know if anybody reads this list. I posted a message
>regarding the ftp access denied for anonymous and never got an answer...
>Is the CU-Seeme project dead and the only support users can get is thru
>White Pine software?
>I got this expensive commercial version on a Mac. I personaly think that
>the White Pine port on the Mac is done poorly. It crashed during the
>launch when I am connected (I use a G3). They even didn't bother
>modifying the interface from their Windows app and I endup looking at
>this flashy colors and ugly designs ala Windows.
>I hope that the CU-Seeme at Cornell is still active to give users a
>better option.