Re: Cornell CUSeeMe V.1 & Lan/DialUP Mixed Environment

Jim (
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 10:06:27 -0400

I do know of people who use the parallel port Connectix cams, who had trouble with
Win98 recognizing the cam if it was not connected during the Win98 installation. If
you switch your parallel port between cam and printer, it might be worthwhile to
have the cam connected to the port while installing Win98. You can always install
the printer later.

Alan Jarvi wrote:

> I run Cornell v1.0 on my Windows 98 just fine. You might try
> uninstalling and then reinstalling the v1.0 software. What type of
> GPF's? Doesn't it usually name a bad module?
> Al
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> Subject: Re: Cornell CUSeeMe V.1 & Lan/DialUP Mixed Environment
> Author: at EXTERNAL
> Date: 08/31/98 03:27
> Thanks to a couple of guys on this list I was able to figure out the
> following:
> To make CU use your dial-up IP, it must be the last IP shown when you run
> IPCONFIG.EXE (from a DOS box).
> was the IP used by my WebTV software (now uninstalled :-)
> I removed and reinstalled my Dial-Up adapter and that moved it to the bottom
> of the list. Now CU uses my dial-up IP.
> Now I'm getting division errors and GPFs when I try to connect to a ref
> though. The software works fine on other machines. Does this have to do
> with Win98?
> Ray Mercer
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> From: Ray Mercer <>
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> Date: Friday, August 28, 1998 9:32 AM
> Subject: Cornell CUSeeMe V.1 & Lan/DialUP Mixed Environment
> >I've been using the new color CU from Cornell for a couple of months now
> and
> >it is absolutely fantastic.
> >
> >The biggest problem I have experienced with it is as follows:
> >At work I have a LAN-fixed IP (behind a firewall) and various dial-up ISP
> >accounts (for when I want to get over the Firewall). I have used this
> setup
> >with many types of SW in the past without problem - i.e., if I establish a
> >dialup account with my modem, the SW will use the dial-up IP. However, for
> >some reason Cornell CU will not recognize my dialup IP address no matter
> >what I do. I tried playing around with Hosts files and the cu-seeme.ini as
> >well as my Network settings to no avail. In fact, on one machine (a Win98
> >box) now the CU client reports my IP as no matter what I do (this
> is
> >NOT my IP fixed or otherwise).
> >
> >How can I tell CU to use a specific IP? It seems to ignore the Hosts file
> >on my machine.
> >
> >Ray Mercer
> >Yokohama, Japan
> >
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