Re[2]: Cornell CUSeeMe V.1 & Lan/DialUP Mixed Environment

Alan Jarvi (
31 Aug 1998 10:51:26 -0400

I had a problem when I had a Connectix QC VC (parallel) system and a
printer on an A/B switch and booting Windows 95. If I left the switch
on the camera position when I rebooted, Windows 95 would let me switch
between the camera and the printer all the time. If, however, I left
the A/B switch in the printer position and rebooted, Windows 95 never
would recognize the camera. Very similar to what you describe below.

My solution was to get a Winnov system, toss the A/B switch and the
Connectix camera and also install Windows 98...:-)

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Subject: Re: Cornell CUSeeMe V.1 & Lan/DialUP Mixed Environment
Author: at EXTERNAL
Date: 08/31/98 10:12

I do know of people who use the parallel port Connectix cams, who had trouble
Win98 recognizing the cam if it was not connected during the Win98 installation.
you switch your parallel port between cam and printer, it might be worthwhile to
have the cam connected to the port while installing Win98. You can always
the printer later.