"Let's play trains"

Jud Elliott (EST)
Thu, 1 Dec 1994 15:01:44 -0500

"Let's play trains" was an invitation to go to a freind's house to share
the magic of a model railroad. The holiday season was a time to find the
largest set-ups in the stores as tempting demonstrations of just how big a
model train set-up could be, given enough money.

Willoughby Middle School invites you to "come over and play trains" at our
place. Tune into the U.Lausanne reflector between 9:00 and 3:00 EST (GMT
-5) and see our train set-up.

We will place a QuickCam close to track-side and attempt to share our
N-guage rail fun with anyone who can "drop in".

Lausanne is

The bad news: We will be SLIPped as we were earlier this week, so results
might be slow, patchy, or both. We will try setting the frame rate at high
and low values to look for an advantage of one over the other.

If you do drop in, *please* "sign our guest book" by sending a short Email

Hoping to re-live my wonderful holidays of *years* ago,

Judson S. Elliott

Judson Elliott, Computing Coordinator
Willoughby Middle School
Willoughby, Ohio <Lat: 41 38 23 N  Lon: 81 24 24 W>