Connectix E-mail?

Patrick Delahanty (patrickd@WPI.EDU)
Thu, 1 Dec 1994 15:33:51 -0500

I'm being royally screwed by MacWarehouse. I ordered a QuickCam the weekend
of the 19th and they're telling me that they don't expect shipment until the
15th of December. This is unbelieveable. Until now, they'd always tell me
two days in advance (and that was annoying anough...) Now it seems like I'll
have to wait almost a MONTH for the damn thing. (Yes...I am VERY pissed off.)

What is Connectix's e-mail address? I'd like to find out if I could ever get
a QuickCam. I WAS planning to do a presentation tomorrow. I THOUGHT I'd
have it 2 weeks in advance. I guess not. I put it on hold until I get one.
(If it's going to be shipped to me on or after December 16, it's too late.)

I'd order from other places but MacConnection doesn't expect shipment until
the 11th, Mac Mall has no clue when it will be in, and Tiger Software didn't
know either. (The Mac Mall guy was almost rude about it...)

Anyway...anyone have Connectix's e-mail. Maybe I could get one direct.
This really bites.

I heard someone ordered one about the same time I did from MacConnection and
got it Tuesday. Damn...I should have stuck with them. I like them better.

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