Problem thru firewall???

Fritz Hurst (EST)
Thu, 1 Dec 1994 16:16:46 -0500

I can use cuseeme when dialed into my access provider, yet have a problem
when connecting via our direct internet connection at work.

The message I am getting is "No Response from".

We do have a firewall here, but others outside can ping my workstation
when I am up and running, and all my other packages work fine (Eudora to
the POP server that my E-mail is on - outside the firewall, Netscape,
Mosaic, FTP, Trumpet News Reader, WSIRC ).

Any ideas on what might be happening ???

I would love to be able to connect faster than 14.4KB, we have a 256KB
connection here at work.

Please E-Mail me back directly...

Fritz Hurst
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McDonald's Corp
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