basics basics basics

Steve Powell (EST)
Thu, 1 Dec 1994 20:20:40 -0500

After several weeks of trying to UNSUBSCRIBE I finally said the HELL with
it and found time to read the notes AND fiddle with CU-Seeme.

Damn you all! Now, I'm hooked!!! I take BACK the unsubscribe requests!

But NOW I have questions!

I've gotten the nice NASA pictures....but the audio is VERY choppy.

I've gotten an empty room at Indiana State.

And I've seen a GREAT map of Norway!

1. What are the best times to FIND people???? (I'm in Seattle....and FROM
Minn. so you will need to explain time differences to me [ALL my relatives
STILL ask "what time is it out there?"].

2. I have a Centris 660AV with 16 mg. What's wrong with the sound?


can't WAIT to get this up and running better.