Re: video digitizer 'vdig' resources

Richard Cogger (EST)
Fri, 2 Dec 1994 10:09:49 -0500

At 9:26 PM 12/1/94, Michael Sattler, San Francisco wrote:
>>Hi Folks (not forks),
>Sorry about that joke, Mizuno-san :-)
>>I want to know vendor name that release video digitizer. Sure,
>>I am looking for them for CU-SeeMe. I read README file, but I
>>can't find vender names. If you tell me their price with vender
>>informations, I will be more happy.
>To the best of my knowledge, nobody sells vdigs alone, only with a camera.
But Michael, he didn't ask about a vdig. A vdig is not a digitizer, it is
a software driver for a video digitizer (hardware) in the form of a
quicktime component. The SuperMac VideoSpigot is a digitizer, and
SpigotVDIG is a vdig for the Spigot. The AV mac's have built-in video
digitizing hardware (and the OS has a built-in vdig). The ComputerEyes/RT
from Digital Vision is an external SCSI port digitizer and comes with vdig
software. SuperMac, Apple, and Digital Vision all sell digitizers with
vdig's without cameras. (Note that SuperMac doesn't ship the vdig with the
Spigot; you have to ask for it or download it.) In fact, as far as I know,
of the 3, only Digital Vision is prepared to sell you a camera with the

Actually, I think all of this info is in the README.

>>ps. Are you using monochrome camera? Or color camera? Color
>>camera is expensive?
Either will work. Color camera's are available for about $300, Monochrome
for about $200 in the US (Imported from Japan). The color produces a
better balanced grayscale.

>I'm using a Connectix QuickCam (which I know is news to readers of this
>list :-), which is US$99 and back-ordered everywhere. It's the most
>inexpensive way of getting video into your Mac. A color version is in the
>works, but I have no idea about a timetable for it.
Correct. The least expensive way to go. Although not top performance, it
is definitely the best bang-for-buck by a long way.

Cheers, -Dick