FTP/Netscape again -Reply

Dick Dramstad (radramstad@smtpgate.read.tasc.com)
Fri, 2 Dec 1994 13:32:34 -0500

Doug Howard writes:
I tried to FTP (FETCH v.2.1.2), Netscape, Mosaic and everything else
I could think of since you guys told me you weren't having any
problems getting the files yourselves. Still no luck on my end.
Weird thing is, I can get the files from my SUN, just not from my
Mac. I can Fetch from other sites A-O-K.

Thanks for all the replies, this lets me know it's something wrong at
my end, obviously, I guess. It's just that I get the message: host
refuses connection. Hmmmm, very interesting. I'll keep trying.
The combination of "host refuses connection" and "it works from my
Sun but not my Mac" suggests two possibilities:

- One is that you've somehow managed to misconfigure all your various
Mac apps so that they don't offer up a correctly formatted e-mail
address as your anonymous "password". Unlikely. So, I more strongly
suspect that....
- Your Mac's IP address doesn't have a registered domain name. At
many locations Macs and PCs don't have statically assigned IP
addresses, which is usually a very good thing, because it sure makes
LAN address administration a lot easier. However, that same desire to
avoid work on the part of network administrators also often extends to
the avoidance of creating hostnames for the dynamically allocated
addresses. Why is this a bother? Usually, this is only a problem when
these machines connect to ftp servers with FTP daemon software that
insists on having all ftp clients connecting to them have registered
addresses. This is done as a security measure to help system
administrators identify and track down hackers that may use
rogue/unregistered machines to do their dirty work.
To confirm that you could have this problem, telnet to your Sun
from your Mac, do a "who" command and look to see if the hostname
displayed by the Sun for your login ID is a legitimate domain
hostname or is just a 4-octet dot-separated IP address. If it is, ask
your network administrators to assign your machine (or the network
address range it uses) real hostname(s). Alternatively, you could
continue to stage the file transfer through your Sun and use fetch to
bring it down to your Mac.

I hope that this helps.

Dick Dramstad