Printing the CU-SeeMe window -Reply

Dick Dramstad (
Fri, 2 Dec 1994 14:02:01 -0500


You wrote:
I am trying to print/save the desktop image which contains a CU-SeeMe
window. When it prints, the windows are missing. There are no
options to print/save on the File menu for CU-SeeMe.
This contains a great PR shot and MUST be cought. HOW???
HELP...before its lost.
Platform: PPC running 7.5

Manipulate your windows so that the cuseeme windows are still
visible when the finder is in front, and then type the finder screen
snapshot fkey: command-shift-3 to save a picture of your entire
If you had more time, you could grab the flash-it screen capture
utility from one of the Mac software repositories; it would let you
grab a specific part of the screen and print, save, copy, etc. the
results. Use anarchie to find "flash it" on info-mac or one of the

Dick Dramstad