Re: video digitizer 'vdig' resources

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Fri, 2 Dec 1994 15:50:09 -0500

At 07:09 12/2/94, Richard Cogger wrote:
>At 9:26 PM 12/1/94, Michael Sattler, San Francisco wrote:
>>>Hi Folks (not forks),
>>Sorry about that joke, Mizuno-san :-)
>>>I want to know vendor name that release video digitizer. Sure,
>>>I am looking for them for CU-SeeMe. I read README file, but I
>>>can't find vender names. If you tell me their price with vender
>>>informations, I will be more happy.
>>To the best of my knowledge, nobody sells vdigs alone, only with a camera.
>But Michael, he didn't ask about a vdig. A vdig is not a digitizer, it is
>a software driver for a video digitizer (hardware) in the form of a
>quicktime component. The SuperMac VideoSpigot is a digitizer, and
>SpigotVDIG is a vdig for the Spigot. The AV mac's have built-in video
>digitizing hardware (and the OS has a built-in vdig). The ComputerEyes/RT
>from Digital Vision is an external SCSI port digitizer and comes with vdig
>software. SuperMac, Apple, and Digital Vision all sell digitizers with
>vdig's without cameras. (Note that SuperMac doesn't ship the vdig with the
>Spigot; you have to ask for it or download it.) In fact, as far as I know,
>of the 3, only Digital Vision is prepared to sell you a camera with the

Ohhhhhh! The frob that goes between the camera and the Mac! Sorry, as a
PowerBook user I've never come across one, tho now that you explain it I
understand the question. Thx.

>Actually, I think all of this info is in the README.

I wouldn't know, never having read it <DUCKING> :-)

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