"No Response from <ip address> error message"

Rich Kennerly (rbk1@cornell.edu)
Fri, 2 Dec 1994 16:34:39 -0500

Windows Users:

For some reason in the last several weeks there have been quite a number
of complaints about Windows users getting the message "No Response from <ip
address>", while other network applications work fine. I set up my Macintosh
with Etherpeek (great Sniffer-type packet analysis software for the Mac)
so I can see incoming connection requests from any of you out
there. This will allow us to determine if any connection requests are even
getting out of your network and also allow us to see if new reflector versions
are causing problems. My IP address is Just try to connect
then send mail to rbk1@cornell.edu inviting feedback (include your hostname
and IP address please).

-Rich Kennerly - PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer. <rbk1@cornell.edu>