Windows Cu-SeeMe questions

Joanna Tyrcha (
Fri, 2 Dec 1994 16:57:47 -0500

I've been experimenting with Cu-SeeMe for a while and now I'd like to
start sending video. I've couple of questions/problems that maybe
someone/somewhere has already solved?

1. Is it possible to run Cu-SeeMe on Windows NT 3.5?
2. Has anyone succeeded to run Cu-SeeMe on Chicago Beta?
3. Is it possible to use VideoBlaster FS200 with Compaq's QVision 2000
video controller (the problem is that VGA features connector cable
does not fit to QVISION 2000).
(Yeah, I know I should ask the support guys in Compaq and/or Creative
Labs. As a matter of fact I did and the question is still on ... :-)
4. Which ports uses Cu-SeeMe?
5. Has PC version of VideoSpigot a VGA feature connector?

I would appreciate any help.
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