Re: Any fixes yet:Quicktime 1.6 and VideoSpigot?

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Fri, 2 Dec 1994 22:34:07 -0500

At 12:18 12/2/94, Robert Schroeder wrote:

>I would like to use a more recent version of Quicktime. Has anyone had
>success with Quicktime 1.6.1 or later and VDIG 1.5b18 or any other
>combination on a non AV Mac?

This should be very easy for you to test. QT 1.6.1 is available from, and you can just move 1.0 to your desktop while you test
1.6.1. If it doesn't work out you can swap them in seconds.

>Any fixes planned for us rich few that have VideoSpigot boards with great
>Sony CCD cameras and not the $99 QuickCam?

Sniff. How the mighty have fallen. My QuickCam works beautifully with
QuickTime 2.0 and the Apple Multimedia Tuner 2.0.1 (which fixes bugs in QT

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