Steve Powell (EST)
Sat, 3 Dec 1994 10:19:17 -0500

While the school I work with and I have an AV, many people I know could use
a $99 solution to getting pictures on their Mac!

Could someone send me the following:

1. How can I get this? .. or more info.

2. Does it come with software to capture video AND video stills?.....would
Video Capture or PhotoCapture work??

3. Quality.....greyscale? No color, right?


5. Would it be silly to have that ON an AV?.....right now it is a bit of a
hassle to hook up the camcorder for a single picture.

6. It just plugs into serial port? Isn't THAT a problem.....if you are on a
network and use a modem....where then? More swapping????