CU-SeeMe featured at CAUSE94 Conference

Dan Updegrove (EST)
Sat, 3 Dec 1994 10:37:54 -0500

CU-SeeMe Colleagues,

I wanted to advise you that CU-SeeMe was featured *promimently* in the
closing general session yesterday of CAUSE94, the annual conference of
university IS leaders.

Glenn Ricart, dir of the Computer Science Center at the U of Maryland,
College Park, augmented his presentation on technology trends and
prospects for universities with a live CU-SeeMe panel discussion featuring
the Provost of the University of Arizona and the President of the
University of Maryland, both at their desks on campus. (They were using
CU-SeeMe in video-only mode, but the "holllowness" of the microphone
pickup from the telephone in the auditorium made it seem that they were
using the Internet for audio as well.) This was a very impressive
demonstration of the power of desktop video conferencing, making the point
that busy people needn't leave their desks to participate, etc.

Most in the audience apparently had never seen CU-SeeMe, so you might be
hearing soon from university colleagues about their interest. (And, if so,
you might do well to advise them that they couldn't count on Internet
audio to perform as flawlessly for ten minutes in mid morning! I'm sure
Glenn would have explained this if he'd had more time.)


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