Re: quickcam

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Sat, 3 Dec 1994 12:51:42 -0500

At 07:19 12/3/94, Steve Powell wrote:
>While the school I work with and I have an AV, many people I know could use
>a $99 solution to getting pictures on their Mac!
>Could someone send me the following:
>1. How can I get this? .. or more info.

You can ORDER it from most mail-order places. The demand is so great that
there is a back-order thing going on.

>2. Does it come with software to capture video AND video stills?.....would
>Video Capture or PhotoCapture work??

If they do the right thing with QuickTime, yes. Otherwise, no. But it
does come with it's own software.

>3. Quality.....greyscale? No color, right?

Not as good as a Sony but only US$600 less. No color now, I heard rumbings
of a color model in the works. Nothing even resembling a timetable.


Depends on your Mac and what else you're running.

>5. Would it be silly to have that ON an AV?.....right now it is a bit of a
>hassle to hook up the camcorder for a single picture.

It's never silly to be connected to the rest of us, so you can see our
beautiful mugs whenever you want.

>6. It just plugs into serial port? Isn't THAT a problem.....if you are on a
>network and use a modem....where then? More swapping????

Most Macs have two serial ports. If you're using both, yes, then you swap,
or buy a serial-switcher box, or something like that.

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