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Sat, 3 Dec 1994 22:29:55 -0500


I agree.

Let's try to adopt GMT as a standard for all major "events". Perhaps
we could announce the time of the event in both the local time and


Jeff Pulver,

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Subject: TIMES
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Date: 12/3/94 10:11 PM

At the risk of upsetting my American collegues may I make a suggestion.
CUSEEME is now world wide and there are some very interesting broadcasts.
To many of us 'the other side of the world' 12:00 CST means nothing.

As an experienced radio 'ham' can I plead for times of broadcasts to be
quoted in terms of universal time ( UTC ) alias Grenwich mean time ( GMT
). You can of course put the local time as well <G>.

How about it.

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