Mon, 5 Dec 1994 05:17:54 -0500

Dear CUSM fans

Having made an unsuccessful request for help for people using CUSM with the
Mac Videovision card, I can only conclude I am (almost) on my own (some
others indicated they would be interested in answers).

[For info, I also tried CUSM0.60b1 which looks for any VDIG - It found the
Videovision VDIG but said it "Couldn't digitize".]

I guess my problem is a specific instance of a generic problem i.e. CUSM
seems to only support a (very) limited set of VDIGs. Being a naive and
optimistic non-techy I had believed the Apple PR when they claimed that the
use of Quicktime would allow the hardware to be abstracted to a level where
applications could be made hardware independent. (The theory seems to work
with most other applications.)

Now I understand CUSM does some really smart things in order to do what it
does, but could it not be a little more well behaved? Does anyone know if
the issue is:

a) the cost and time to validate support on other cards?

b) its on the list to be done - just be patient?!

c) a technical reason why it wouldn't work?

If it is (a) then I for one would be very happy to help with alpha or beta
testing. If it is (b) then I'll just shut up or if it is (c) I'll shut up
and buy a Quickcam (and add to the growing waiting list).

Advice pls!

andy mcleod

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ICL,Lovelace Rd,Bracknell |
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