Dag Svanes (EST)
Mon, 5 Dec 1994 05:42:01 -0500

>....Grenwich mean time ( GMT )...
>). You can of course put the local time as well <G>.

As an old radio "ham" I agree.
BUT, it is important then *always* to add the date *in GMT* to avoid
endless confusions.

If you f.ex. use GMT time and CST date , "8 pm, February 10, 1994" (both
CST) becomes "0100 GMT, February 10, 1994", which intepreted as GMT is 24
hours before. It should be: "0100 GMT, February 11, 1994" (both GMT)".

Jules Verne's hero in "Around the world in 80 days" won the bet because he
forgot about this, but we will only lose from it.


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