Re: CUSM and VDIGs

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Mon, 5 Dec 1994 14:16:50 -0500

At 02:17 12/5/94, wrote:
>I guess my problem is a specific instance of a generic problem i.e. CUSM
>seems to only support a (very) limited set of VDIGs. Being a naive and
>optimistic non-techy I had believed the Apple PR when they claimed that the
>use of Quicktime would allow the hardware to be abstracted to a level where
>applications could be made hardware independent. (The theory seems to work
>with most other applications.)

It works with CU-SeeMe too, but the development team hasn't yet abstracted
it out all the way. I believe (Dick?) the issue is that most vdigs have
their own peculiarities, requiring individual tweaking. CU-SeeMe version
x...b1 doesn't discriminate based on vdig name, you could pull that one
down and see what happens with your vdig. (If it eats your hard disk,
blows out your power supply, and causes the Royal family to have another
bad-hair day it's not by fault.)

Not being a part of the CUSM dev team I have no access to the machinations
of their decision-making process, but I've seen them respond well to
technical challanges. Let us know what the generic CUSM does with your
vdig. I'm guessing the dev team doesn't want to go full-time into
supporting everyone's vdigs (CU is a university, remember) but would rather
put cool things into the next version.

And maybe even do something for the PC people :-)

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