Re: CUSM and VDIGs

Tue, 6 Dec 1994 05:07:20 -0500

Michael Sattler <> wrote:

>CU-SeeMe version
>x...b1 doesn't discriminate based on vdig name, you could pull that one
>down and see what happens with your vdig. (If it eats your hard disk,
>blows out your power supply, and causes the Royal family to have another
>bad-hair day it's not by fault.)

I had already tried this and got a message (like) found a VDIG but couldn't

>Not being a part of the CUSM dev team I have no access to the machinations
>of their decision-making process, but I've seen them respond well to
>technical challanges. Let us know what the generic CUSM does with your
>vdig. I'm guessing the dev team doesn't want to go full-time into
>supporting everyone's vdigs (CU is a university, remember) but would
>rather put cool things into the next version.

I can't disagree with the priorities of functionality first, porting second
- its a pity that they have chosen to spend time on a second platform i.e.
PC ;-) . I hope that there may emerge a real or virtual group of competent
hackers who would like to take the source and concentrate on proliferation
and polish (the Netscape of the CUSM world). CUSM (and Maven) deserves the
widest possible exposure as it delivers uniquely useful functionality. Not
wishing to knock the specific supplier but I have found CUSM to be MUCH
better than a commercial Mac VC product I paid hard cash for.

By the way, I saw a suggestion of collating a list of supported PC hardware
- is there a demand for a similar list for the Mac community? Or does one
exist already? If there is a demand not being met then pls let me know -
perhaps I have found a niche where I can help repay some of the effort
expended on CUSM.


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