QuickCam on a PB520c

Greg Madey (gmadey@synapse.kent.edu)
Tue, 6 Dec 1994 08:40:38 -0500

At 11:33 12/5/94, Lawrence F. Filippone wrote:
>The serial port for the 540C does not have the power to run QuickCam.
>Cords that run off the other ports have been developed and will be shipped
>next week. All you get without the extra power source is a blank (light
>grey) screen. Thanks for trying to help and happy viewing! {:-)

Hmmm ... I just got two QuickCam's from MacConnection (had to wait about
1 1/2 weeks for them to arrive!). At this date, they must be "production"
units. They seem to work fine on my 520c, both on battery and wall power.
Maybe the 540c has less power available for the serial port. BTW, my 520c
has 20 meg RAM but no internal modem. Maybe the internal modem in your
540c is drawing down power away from the serial port?

Greg Madey
Kent State University