PowerBook vs. QuickCam 1.0.1

Jud Elliott (EST)
Tue, 6 Dec 1994 09:49:50 -0500

Please confirm or contradict.

Extensive testing leads to the following conclusion:

The revised QuickCam extensions (1.0.1) are PowerBook hostile.

After creating a movie on a PB 520 (B/W) with the 1.0 software, all
seemed well. My second camera arrived with updated software and
was installed...got a blank rectangle.

Returning to the version 1.0 extensions and chosing the modem port at the
time of installation got me back to a working combination.

My question:

I plan to use the PCMCIA port as a modem port and the PowerBook
modem/pronter port for the QuikCam. Has anyone done this yet? Are there
any hints/gotcha's to use/avoid.


Judson Elliott, Computing Coordinator
Willoughby Middle School
Willoughby, Ohio <Lat: 41 38 23 N  Lon: 81 24 24 W>