Re: CUSM and VDIGs, source code, niches available??!?

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Tue, 6 Dec 1994 12:51:53 -0500

At 02:07 12/6/94, wrote:
>Michael Sattler <> wrote:
>I had already tried this and got a message (like) found a VDIG but couldn't

I *believe* this means that the vdig you're using doesn't play fair, but I
really have no concrete reason for that belief. In short, I believe it
means you're schrod for the time being.

>I can't disagree with the priorities of functionality first, porting second
>- its a pity that they have chosen to spend time on a second platform i.e.
>PC ;-)

Everyone knows I have no opinion about this :-)

>I hope that there may emerge a real or virtual group of competent
>hackers who would like to take the source and concentrate on proliferation
>and polish (the Netscape of the CUSM world). CUSM (and Maven) deserves the
>widest possible exposure as it delivers uniquely useful functionality. Not
>wishing to knock the specific supplier but I have found CUSM to be MUCH
>better than a commercial Mac VC product I paid hard cash for.

Dick Cogger has said repeatedly that the source code would be made public
"when it's ready" for some value of "ready". I too find the delay
annoying, but I know the fear that (a) "I can't release my code looking
like this" :-) and (b) that evil uses of the code can make programs that
flood the net while trying to do something good. I wouldn't want to be
associated with (b) myself. I'm guessing that's why I've gotten no
cooperation from the CUSM team with questions I'm investigating for an app
I'm trying to write.

>By the way, I saw a suggestion of collating a list of supported PC hardware
>- is there a demand for a similar list for the Mac community? Or does one
>exist already? If there is a demand not being met then pls let me know -
>perhaps I have found a niche where I can help repay some of the effort
>expended on CUSM.

Barre has something like that on his web page (if I remember correctly) and
probably the CUSM readme does too. But it's been too long since I've
digested either of them, so there may be a niche. One way to find out is
to ask the list readership for something that should get done by someone
outside of the CUSM dev team. Gentlebeings?

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