Re: FS200

jher (
Tue, 6 Dec 1994 13:23:25 -0500

The solution I got was to go back and reinstall all the drivers with the
setup program. That didnt work. What I did and where i'm currently stuck is

I went into the drivers accessory and added each driver (3 of them) from the
last on (overlay) to the first one (capture) and then rebooted. This allowed
video for windows to capture avi files, etc but cuseeme would digitize and
display, not only in monochrome, but also upside-down. I have no clue where
I went wrong and all I can figure is that the driver I have is wrong. I'm
using version 3.0.0 according to the documentation. I also have

in my system.ini

Anyone have any ideas?

> I saw a mail thread a while back about the FS200, was there ever a
> solution???
> Scott
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