Re: PowerBook vs. QuickCam 1.0.1

Gary Vankirk (EST)
Tue, 6 Dec 1994 20:11:55 -0500

>Please confirm or contradict.
>Extensive testing leads to the following conclusion:
> The revised QuickCam extensions (1.0.1) are PowerBook hostile.
>After creating a movie on a PB 520 (B/W) with the 1.0 software, all
>seemed well. My second camera arrived with updated software and
>was a blank rectangle.
>Returning to the version 1.0 extensions and chosing the modem port at the
>time of installation got me back to a working combination.

I received my QC yesterday with the 1.0.1 extensions and am happily using
it with a PB 165c.

How about a QuickCam list or are CUSee-me and QuickCam inseparable?