Re: Apple Remote Access and CUSM

Gary Vankirk (EST)
Tue, 6 Dec 1994 20:11:40 -0500

>I cannot figure out how to configure MacTCP to allow me to use CUSM from
>home (via my Mac at work) using Apple Remote Access. I know that it could
>be very slow, but it's the principle of the thing...

The school I teach at and attend has a Webster ARA server. The Webster
supports TCP/IP: it hands off an IP number to the dial-in Mac when the user
launches an application that calls MacTCP. In this instance, the MacTCP
control panel is set to get its IP number from the server, as opposed to

I would conjecture that if you are using the Personal Server software, and
the Mac you call into gets an IP number from a FastPath, then you're
at-home Mac might also be able to get an IP number from the FastPath. If
your at-work Mac has an assigned number, then probably not. I have the
software, but use it only for "client" purposes. I know it will carry
TCP/IP packets, but how that would be handled at the other end I can't say.

Apple recently released a software ad-in to allow their ARA server to
handle TCP/IP traffic, perhaps you need this for the Personal Server
software, as well. Several other ARA terminal servers also handle TCP/IP
packets, a number of these were compared in the October MacWorld.

As you suggest, it is VERY, VERY slow; frame refresh is a pixel at a time :-)