FYI: My 1st QuickCam Purchase.

Iain Davidson (
Tue, 6 Dec 1994 23:08:59 -0500

OK. I've done the great test with ordering QuickCam's.

I ordered from two different mail-order companies.

MacWarehouse: 1-800-255-6227, x3382 Michelle
"We have them currently on back order. Shipment due Dec 15th.
We will ship them as soon as they get in. Do you want to be added to the
list?" "You can call and cancel the order, if you find another
quicker source" "All items delivered Next-day Air-bourne Express".
$99.95 + $3 s/h = $102.95

MacMall: 1-800-222-2808
"We were supposed to get them on November 30th... Should be
in stock now. Shall I put you on backorder?" $98.99 + $3 s/h =$101.99
FedEx overnight

Both were 24 hr lines. Both offered not to bill my credit-card until the
product actually ships out the door. Both offered "Today special deals on
selected Software Bonuses".

MacMall was overloaded with calls. I called at 11PM (+8 GMT) it still took
me 7 minutes of waiting to get through. Eventually, they put out 3.5
million catalogs in three weeks. The response was way over estimates.
Not enough staff hired to handle the calls.

We will see who delivers first. ;-)


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