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Gordon Roberts (
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 01:09:44 -0500

this sounds all too familiar. My solution was to send the FS200 back, and
get something from FAST - which has not yet been delivered (three weeks


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On Wed, 7 Dec 1994, Nish the Heretic wrote:

> On Tue, 6 Dec 1994, jher wrote:
> >
> > The solution I got was to go back and reinstall all the drivers with the
> > setup program. That didnt work. What I did and where i'm currently stuck is
> > this.
> Hmmm, that sounds familiar:
> When I bought FS200, I tried to install it together with an ET4000 VGA VL
> card with 2MB of RAM thinking it'd be perfect for video capture.
> Nope ! Black screen.... Called Creative Labs to be told that FS200's
> uncompatible with most VL cards except some crappy Trident.
> Ok, I gave the FS200 a new computer with a Trident 8900C 16bits VGA card.
> Horrible screen ! Fuzzy all over ! Can't even read it as it scrolls at
> high speed !
> Called Creative Labs again. Nope, sorry ! 8900C is uncompatible ...
> Gotta have 8900D.
> Ok, let's get one....
> Installed it... same thing ! Aaaarrrggghhh !
> Check everything. All seems ok, TV Coder, FS200 loads at boot up, only
> Windows keeps on messing up. Doesn't matter which drivers I feed it, same
> thing all over, all I can get is 16 colors, 256 messes up badly.
> I'm turning mad, can't spot the problem. I run setup from C:\WINDOWS or
> from Main Group, doesn't change a thing !
> Got the guys from Creative Labs involved, they recreated my config... and
> it worked ! Aaarrgghh ! What am I doing wrong ???
> Ok, fed up with it ! Format bloody C: !
> Reinstall everything from the scratch, one thing at the time. Get rid of
> all TSR, all fancy stuff, just a pure config.
> Reinstalled Windows and feed it the universal microsoft drivers.
> That's it ! It works !
> A month later I installed the whole Internet interface for Windows
> including CUSM and didn't find any problem.
> That's my experience. If Windows messes up badly, if changing drivers
> doesn't help, then unfortunately, your only solution left is try to
> reinstall Windows from the scratch...
> Best Regards
> Nish Man