Modem Speed and Performance of CU-SeeMe

Wed, 7 Dec 1994 01:46:04 -0500

On December 5, 1994, Sam Caplan wrote:

> I know this is a basic question, but how much better is a 28.8 connection
> vs. a 14.4???

I had been wondering the same, and have been planning to post the very
same question to this list. I'm moving very slowly towards purchasing my
first computer, an entry level Mac (thus finally releasing me from the
limitations of a loaned 286 and CGA monitor). Grazing at the lower (entry)
level of (Apple's) food chain allows me to consider spending more on such
peripherals as modems (notching up the hundreds column looks deceptively
easy when you have crossed into the thousands column). Since really my only
reason to consider a 28.8 modem over a 14.4 at this time would be to run
CU-SeeMe, I'd like to know whether the extra cost of the faster modem would
be justified by significantly enhanced performance.

Specifically, would video capability be improved? And what about sound?
Having avidly followed correspondence on the list since June, I know that
until recently the word has been that audio "WILL NOT WORK" through a modem;
but it now appears that the recent release of Maven might offer some hope to
those on slip and ppp connections. Is this likely to be true eventually of
CU-SeeMe? If so, how much of a difference might the choice of a 14.4 or 28.8
modem make? And if too optimistic in the near future, would it be reasonable
to assume that audio capabilities through a modem might be possible
in the not-too-distant-future? Or would it be better to save the difference in
cost between a 14.4 and 28.8, purchase a slower modem, and await the dawn of
'cheap' ISDN service?

I'd also appreciate any specific recommendations for modems in this range
for Macs. But to avoid taxing list members' good nature, please feel free to
e-mail me if you are responding only to this portion of the posting.

Forgive me for essentially asking this question again, but there hasn't
been a response yet, so I thought I might try to prime the pump one more time.

And thank you to all who responded to my question about using Quadra 630
family and CU-SeeMe. I realized soon afterwards that the QuickCam was at
least one option for using this and MANY other Macs with CU-SeeMe. At this
point, I understood what all the excitement had been about ~~~

John Solorzano
Washington, D.C.