Re: FS200

Nish the Heretic (
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 00:53:45 -0500

On Tue, 6 Dec 1994, jher wrote:
> The solution I got was to go back and reinstall all the drivers with the
> setup program. That didnt work. What I did and where i'm currently stuck is
> this.

Hmmm, that sounds familiar:
When I bought FS200, I tried to install it together with an ET4000 VGA VL
card with 2MB of RAM thinking it'd be perfect for video capture.
Nope ! Black screen.... Called Creative Labs to be told that FS200's
uncompatible with most VL cards except some crappy Trident.

Ok, I gave the FS200 a new computer with a Trident 8900C 16bits VGA card.
Horrible screen ! Fuzzy all over ! Can't even read it as it scrolls at
high speed !
Called Creative Labs again. Nope, sorry ! 8900C is uncompatible ...
Gotta have 8900D.
Ok, let's get one....
Installed it... same thing ! Aaaarrrggghhh !
Check everything. All seems ok, TV Coder, FS200 loads at boot up, only
Windows keeps on messing up. Doesn't matter which drivers I feed it, same
thing all over, all I can get is 16 colors, 256 messes up badly.

I'm turning mad, can't spot the problem. I run setup from C:\WINDOWS or
from Main Group, doesn't change a thing !

Got the guys from Creative Labs involved, they recreated my config... and
it worked ! Aaarrgghh ! What am I doing wrong ???

Ok, fed up with it ! Format bloody C: !
Reinstall everything from the scratch, one thing at the time. Get rid of
all TSR, all fancy stuff, just a pure config.
Reinstalled Windows and feed it the universal microsoft drivers.
That's it ! It works !

A month later I installed the whole Internet interface for Windows
including CUSM and didn't find any problem.

That's my experience. If Windows messes up badly, if changing drivers
doesn't help, then unfortunately, your only solution left is try to
reinstall Windows from the scratch...

Best Regards
Nish Man