Reflector questions

Robbie Burcham (
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 13:11:56 -0500

I am running reflector 2.50b1 on a Sun. I have a few questions, and
after going through the FAQ more than a few times, I am still looking for

How can I configure the reflector so that only one participant has
priviledges to send, and all others do not? I suppose I want to force
all participants (excluding one priviledged participant) to be in a
lurking state. Can this be done? I know that I can cap bandwidth, but I
want to cap everyone BUT the principle participant.

Is there an easy way to have this configuration, and then the default
configuration, and then switch back and forth between them without
recompiling the reflector each time?

Regarding the CU-SeeMe client for the Macintosh (and probably the PC, but
I dont know for sure), what is the "Open..." selection off the file menu
for? Is there some way to configure a "Set" that when double clicked in
the Finder, it automatically launches the client and connects to a
reflector? Every time I browse with the File/Open... menu, it never sees
any files. What files does it open?

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