Re: QuickCam frame-rate

Gary Vankirk (EST)
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 13:23:26 -0500

>The QuickCam frame rate is determined by several factors:
> - Brightness setting (determines how long the CCD is allowed to gather
> charge for each frame)
> - Size of the image (when running certain applications, like the ones
> Connectix supplies)
> - Available processor bandwidth on your Mac (depends on what program(s)
> you're running on your Mac)
> - Maximum Mac serial port speed (depends on Mac model)

Hmmmm. Could be the brightness setting. I've been using it in a poorly lit
room, setting the brightness at never less than 80 (on the QuickMovie
scale). That would explain why the size of the image, and even having other
applications open, appears to have no effect; the length of time the camera
needs to capture enough light is probably having the most effect (the
weakest link, as Robert Munafo suggests) on frame rate.

Thanks, I think I'll replace this 60 watt bulb with a 75 :-)