Re: CUSM and VDIGs, source code, niches available??!?

Wed, 7 Dec 1994 14:42:15 -0500

<<Dick Cogger has said repeatedly that the source code would be made public
"when it's ready" for some value of "ready". I too find the delay
annoying, but I know the fear that (a) "I can't release my code looking
like this" :-) and (b) that evil uses of the code can make programs that
flood the net while trying to do something good. I wouldn't want to be
associated with (b) myself. I'm guessing that's why I've gotten no
cooperation from the CUSM team with questions I'm investigating for an app
I'm trying to write.>>

What I'd like to know is: a) are they holding out for a deal like the
NCSA/Mosaic Communications fiasco or b) is someone on the CUSM development
team thinking of doing this themselves?

Considering the current state of VC apps (especially in the PC market) one
would think that there would be a huge market for such a commercialized app,
with money being made in reflector usage or broadcasting of content.

If not, then I just gave out a GREAT business plan. So if someone *does* do
this outside of Cornell, you be sure to drop me off a check, won't you?!

Scott Kozicki