Re: Some comments

Dick Cogger (
Thu, 8 Dec 1994 09:37:30 -0500

At 2:01 AM 12/8/94, Gary Vankirk wrote:
>An option I'd like to have in CU-SeeMe is the ability to select which
>participant screens my computer displays when logged into a reflector.

Well, you partly have that option: you just close the ones you don't want,
open the ones you do by selecting from the Participants menu. Also, you
can use Preferences option to limit how many windows are allowed to open.

The problem is that, if you hook to a busy reflector, new people are
constantly connecting, so if one of your chosen set disconnects, you'll get
it replaced by someone else pretty soon.

We plan two things to help:

1. A preferences option to open windows automatically, off by default;
turning it on would give the current mode of operation.

2. A window which will appear in response to choosing Show Participants
(new item) from the Participants menu. This window will list participants
who do not have a video window, showing the left three icons from the
button bar plus the name. Clicking the name will open a video window (if
they're sending video) and remove their entry from the list window. The
buttons will work the same way the ones under a video window do to control
audio. We've thought of letting those without video send capability have
a short blank window to type in-- then you'd be able to open such a window
to receive such typing; may never get around to this addition.

We'll probably get 1. done this year, but not 2.

Cheers, -Dick