Re: CUCMe [Q] Mac to Mac/PC over phone but no Internet ?

Dick Cogger (
Thu, 8 Dec 1994 10:33:07 -0500

In fact, we are about to release as a beta, CUslip. CUslip is a Mac slip
implementation developed at Cornell (in the same group that brought you
CU-SeeMe) by Joy Veroneau. We are using it as a base for work with Frame
Relay over ISDN. It is fairly bare-bones, but it does work as a server and
we have run CU-SeeMe point-to-point between Macs as a two-node IP network.
We will probably not be trying to make it full-feature, since there are
excellent and affordable commercial products available. (At Cornell we
support HydePark MacSLIP.) We will provide sources. Look for it in a week
or two. (Joy tells me there is another freeware package which also works
as a server, but I forget its name.)

Cheers, -Dick

At 9:22 AM 12/8/94, wrote:
>To do some point to point videophoning over a public phone-line.
>For now I need to use tcp (as I understand)==> Does anyone know a
>(non)-commercial dial-in slip-server under the MacOS. Or other means to
>connect 2 CUCMe users.
>Regards Ko