Re: CUsm on PowerPC?

Thu, 8 Dec 1994 18:26:20 -0500

David Winet said:

<<If PowerPc won't run CUsm on SLIP that's a major drawback from my
standpoint. Not from yours?>>

Flynn says:

Yeah! I think it's a huge disadvantage! It's not the machine bandwidth, it's
the SLIP connection. I've tried a variety of sites and speeds, and the best
that you can get is maybe 6 fps and NO audio. It makes for a frustrating
experience. But on a high speed line (an ISDN line would do pretty well) it
truly shows how far we've come.... this coming from a guy who was amazed when
he got his first email message in 1983!

So I *am* disappointed that all this trillian dollar hardware is at the mercy
of my 28.8 modem (geesh!)!

::praying that cable modems arrive soon!::
Scott Kozicki