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SENDER: adam@metaverse.com (Adam Curry)
Subject: Live Rave on the Net
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 1994 02:27:24

On Ramp, Inc. today announced it will mastermind a live,
interactive, rave-style music and dance party on the Internet. The "Mega
Music Dance Experience Interactive," to be held Dec. 10, 1994 and based in
Holland, is a technologically-expanded version of last year's event, which
attracted 23,000 dance music fans. This year's rave dance spectacle, a
commercial-free event, will allow the 30 million+ Internet users around
the world to participate in the fun--all in real time, live.

Led by On Ramp Inc.'s Chairman, Adam Curry, who is also a host of
the "Mega Music Dance Experience Interactive," On Ramp will take the
multimedia, Internet-based event concept to new heights--providing not
just a one-way, outbound feed of the dance party--but rather an
interactive experience between guests on location at the party in Holland
and fans who are logged onto the Internet at computers around the world.

Some forty computer stations will be set up in Utrecht, Holland at
the Prince van Oranjehal in the Utrechtse Jaarbeurs-complex, the base site
of the "Mega Music Dance Experience Interactive." These computers, hooked
into the Internet, will allow dance party guests to communicate with all
who are tuned into the event via their computers worldwide.

Eight video cameras will capture the action at the dance party
site in Utrecht. Live, full-motion video and sound will be transmitted
via the mbone as well as via CUSeeMe reflectors on the Internet. Fans
tuned in via the Internet can use the their computer mouse to guide the
video images that appear on their own computer screen, allowing a user to
follow the moves a particular dancer, for example. The remote computer
users can directly influence the course of the event, by cheering for one
of the live dance-acts to give a longer encore, or by taking a peek at the
deejays' play-list and indicating their personal favorites.

Every fifteen minutes, a new edition of the interactive newspaper,
The Dens, will be produced and distributed at the party and via the
Internet. The Dens will incorporate the latest color digital photo images
of the party scene and newsflashes on breaking event happenings, with
commentary generated by participants in front of computers at home as well
by those at the party.

The "Mega Music Dance Experience Interactive," which will begin at
8 p.m. and last until 6 a.m. (all times local to Utrecht, Holland), will
be hosted by internationally-popular deejays Adam Curry and Jeroen van
Inkel. Some of Holland's most popular discotheque deejays will put in
appearances high up in the gigantic stage behind their "altar," including
Ronald Molendijk (the Nighttown, Rotterdam), Marcello (the iT, Amsterdam),
100 % isis (the female deejay from the RoXy) and guest deejay from New
York George Morel. These artists, masters in keeping the overwhelming
crowd on their feet through the wee hours of the morning, will perform
alternately with national and international dance acts, including
Cappella, Lick, Outhere Brothers featuring Kentucky Martha, Livin' Joy and
Kristine W.

During the coming days, Internet users can access additional
preview information and updates about the "Mega Music Dance Experience
Interactive" by visiting the On Ramp's Internet domain, metaverse.com.
Accessible via Mosaic browsers on the World Wide Web, metaverse.com is a
multimedia interface to the Internet. The event preview information at
metaverse.com will include details on how to access the party's video and
sound feed via the Internet's mbone or CUSeeMe reflector sites.

In 1993, seeing a much brighter future on the Internet, Adam Curry
left his job as a television host and formed On Ramp, Inc. with Gary
Schonfeld and Ron Hartenbaum, co-owners of MediaAmerica, the nation's
largest marketer and syndicator of national radio programming. Together
with CTO Karl Jacob (formerly of Sun Microsystems), they have been
providing solutions to the problems many companies face when trying to
determine the best use of the Net and how to interact with the global
on-line community.

Today, On Ramp has offices in New York, Amsterdam and San
Francisco. Current clients include Woodstock '94, AT&T, Sprint, MCA
Records, Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI), Reebok, Bertlesmann Music Group
(BMG), Schieffelin & Somerset, Otis Elevator Co. (a division of United
Technologies), Pepsi, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

For further information on the "Mega Music Dance Experience Interactive:"

Stay tuned to http://metaverse.com/vibe/

U.S. Contact:
Jennifer Pique,
On Ramp Inc., New York
Tel. (212) 764-4747
or 1-800-2ON RAMP

Holland Contact and Press Pass Information:
Ellen van Trigt
Veronica Television Public Relations, Hilversum
Tel. 035-716 254

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