Re: QuickCam, Powerbook

Thu, 8 Dec 1994 22:34:19 -0500

>At 05:24 12/5/94, wrote:
>>Does anyone have any experience using CU-SeeMe with 1) a powerbook,
>>2) a powerbook + QuickCam, and 3) a powerbook + QuickCam + Modem
>I've done (1) and (2), but since I don't have an internal modem I can't do
>(3) since by PB 520c only has one serial port. (1) and (2) are delightful,
>of course (3) is determined by your modem speed and line quality, so
>they'll be far less impressive than a direct ethernet connection.

>Michael Sattler <> San Francisco, California |

I've done (1) (2) AND (3), and it works (though slowly) - I'm using a
PB180c, with an internal 19.2 modem. Reception can be great if you're not
sending video, and if you're simply looking at 'Local Video' then the image
is fantastic (even better than the software included with the QuickCam,
actually). Sound is another problem, as you've probably noticed from the
previous notes, as modem connections can't provide the necessary bandwidth.

Matthew McClintock

"they stick!"