Please read: Your pearls of wisdom (was: why? why? why?)

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Fri, 9 Dec 1994 13:28:22 -0500

At 19:08 12/8/94, somone wrote:

>i am a newbie in this field. i just (common situation)...

This newbie's question is the perfect time for me to ask for your help and
input, in both the Mac and PC CU-SeeMe communities. As part of cleaning up
my CU-SeeMe and QuickCam web pages I'm looking for input from this august
community. Our experience gives us sort of a Meta-FAQ knowledge, and on a
great variety of software and hardware configurations.

With the closure of my office I find that I have some free time. I would
like to encapsulate much of our collective experince into one place, and
then periodically send out a message to the lists saying "look here before

So.... there are two to-items on my agenda: your recollections about what
went wrong (blew chunks, hostname) and a rewrite and enhancement of the FAQ
and readme documents at CU. Please send to me (not the list!) any and all
pearls of wisdom you have for inclusion. They will be severly edited and
made public under the GNU General Public License (at my home page), and
will be available to all web browsers, textual and graphic.

It's my intention and desire to create the definitive collection of
CU-SeeMe information on the net, HARDWARE INCLUDED. Information about
video cards, monitors, network frobs, modem performance, setup information,
potholes we've all fallen into, stories, recollections, and anything else
germane are fair game. Your names will be kept with your contributions,
unless you ask to be anonymous.

To summarize: what I'll finally put up on the net will not be an extensive
rehash of digests past, but a boiled-down collection of what the CU-SeeMe
list readership considers important and entertaining to others.

We now return you to your life, already in progress.

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