Re: Setting up a Reflector, Documentation

Calvin Chi (EST)
Fri, 9 Dec 1994 18:14:49 -0500

Use your favorite WWw browser....

CU-SeeMe software

(Reflector software is around the same place)

Nicknames (needed for Mac CU-SeeMe to access publicly available

Better yet, access CU-SeeMe WWW page built by
Michael Sattler (thank you) where you will find info about the famous
$100 video camera that work with Mac/CU-SeeMe.


Calvin Chi

>> From: Kevin at Freeside Support <>
> > >All you need is to read the README and make files.
> > >
> > But latest version 2.50b1.tar do not include README.
> People have been mentioning that for days without anyone saying where it is.
> kevin
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