Reflector Site ID

Michael Wakefield (
Fri, 9 Dec 1994 20:51:25 -0500

Perhaps I'm missing a critical bit of info, but is there a method for
toggling a reflector ID or welcome message while connected?
Alternately, can one see some version of the "connect to" dialog box while
still connected? Couldn't seem to find any info in the FAQ on this, or
menu selections to that effect.

With the proliferation of reflectors out there, and Monsieur Sattler's
ever-lengthening (and invaluable - thanks, Michael!) nicknames list, my
middleaged short-term memory losses often cause me to wonder what
reflector I'm connected with, and if I don't write it down *before*
connecting there seems to be no way to know where I'm connected without
asking the embarrassing question of others in the conference.

==Mike <> (truncated for Larry's benefit :-))