CU-SeeMe WWW site @

Timothy Mulkey (
Fri, 9 Dec 1994 22:36:06 -0500

OK, the word has slipped out a little early.

Yes, there is a new unofficial home page for CU-SeeMe material. Michael
Sattler is in the process of converting everything he can find concerning
CU-SeeMe into pages on a Web site. For several hours after the address
appeared in the mailing list, the site was jammed (hundreds of users). Thus
there were some delays in accessing materials.

The site is not yet complete. Please allow another week or two before
everything is ready for the official opening. We are still in the process of
placing materials on the site; all the pages are in a state of flux. Michael
is just completing the move of his materials from the FTP Software server, and
is working around the clock trying to get new pages and links prepared.

There is a partial archive of the Developer's mailing list which is available.
We are still completing the scripts to provide the updates to the HyperMail
archiving of the materials. There is a variety of material. At this point,
much of it has to be reached through Michael's personal home page on the server.

You can browse through the material but please do not become upset if you
access the web server and experience difficulties during the next week or so.
You will be viewing a work in progress until the announcement of the official
opening; you might run across links which suddenly appear or disappear as
Michael works on the pages.

The top of the site will probably be:

BUT, don't quote me on that since everything is changing rapidly.

Thanks for your patience,

Tim Mulkey <>