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> Subject: CU-SeeMe
> WXYC, the U. of NC @ Chapel Hill's non-commercial/educational student
> radio station, is simulcasting in real-time over Internet using CU-SeeMe
> and Vat. We are rebroadcasting from UNC's SunSITE.

This is cool! KJHK, the non-com radio station at the University of
Kansas set up their 24 hour audio-only reflector on December 3rd. I
understand that WXYC's reflector went up on Nov 7th, and I applaud the
ingenuity of their technical crew. KJHK's press release will hit the
circuit Monday.

I am personally happy to see that we will have others to help argue against
those who condemn 24 hour reflectors on the grounds of large bandwidth usage.
At KJHK, we provide an audio-only feed, capped at around 32Kbps. We
manage to squeeze a pretty fair signal out of that, if I do say so
myself. Many KU alumni have already voiced their gratitude - the
KU/UMass mens basketball game and the KU/Florida game were available via

> We would like listeners world-wide to connect and comment on signal quality

I must say respectfully that the WXYC signal leaves a little to be
desired.. perhaps the tech crew there should consider disabling the video
feed (a black screen) that is currently included.

For those of you who are interested in quality campus radio, please give
the KJHK reflector a try : In addition to fine 24 hour
programming, KJHK does broadcast home KU basketball games. Check
out the KJHK Home Page at

Also, check out the WXYC reflector at UNC :

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