Re: audio on Mac?

Gary Vankirk (EST)
Sun, 11 Dec 1994 04:14:02 -0500

Brian E. Hannon wrote:

>I can get the mike in the quickcam to work outside of CUSeeme, and I
>can use my Duo's mike for sound in CUSeeMe, but I want to use the
>powermac... and the sound through the cam just doesn't work.

I'm using a PB165c and I was just assuming [and yes I know what I do when I
assume :-)] that the sound input was from the QuickCam mic. After Brian's
note I started checking and with CUSee-Me, even with the QuickCam selected
in the Sound control panel, the internal mic provides the sound input.
Using the QuickMovie software, which allows the user to select the audio
input, the QuickCam mic does work, as does the internal when it's selected.
The Sound control panel setting has no effect within this application.

Apparently, there may need to be a means of selecting the audio input
device from within CUSee-Me, as well as the means to select the video

I went back thru some of the recent messages to the CUSee-Me list, and
while several people have noted sound problems with the QuickCam and
CUSee-Me, no one has mentioned a fix.

BTW MacMall @1-800-222-2808 [and with whom I have no connection, which is
probably to their credit :-)] is advertising Apple's PlainTalk microphone
for $28.99.

Does using an external mic plugged into the mic port require a driver
(regardless of the software being used)?